Alex Smolianitski

Write jibberish, sometimes even with some meaning.

A typical day.

This week some people have shown a very strong interest in what a day in my life looks like. So here we go – a typical day.

3.42am – Waking up and finishing packing, so I can leave the house and catch the first train.

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5.14am – The first train of the day in the direction of Berlin arrived with a slight delay.

9.58am – About to enter my first meet up of the day.

12.43pm – First appointment is over and I’m about to ran into a designer who’s working on an non-profit project.

1.10pm – Finally the first breakfast of the day. Don’t look at the table unless you want to get a headache.

3.24pm – A little time gap which gives me the possibility to find a new tie for myself.

3.49pm – With a delay of almost an hour I have my next conversation for the day. More tea.

5.09pm – Still running a bit late, but finally getting the chance to sit down in the office and work on some texts, answer emails.

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6.16pm – The night is young and so are the politicians which I’m dealing with.

8.41pm – Time for a snack. Sudanese falafel with peanut butter.

9.11pm – A good friend invited me to an english-speaking stand up comedy night.

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10.07pm – A small drink doesn’t hurt, right?

11.53pm – Finally arriving back at the apartment. A few phone calls with beloved people.

1.00am Bedtime.