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Notes from DLD 2016

The third week of January is a perfect moment to meet up at DLD in Munich and to get the inspiration the cold season needs – in the days leading to the WEF in Davos a inspiring community of people from media, tech, and politics gathers to talk about current issues of our (digital) world.

Steffi, one of the most influential women in the industry, and her team invite and they all come. DLD is not only a name for the conference, but a great community to be part of.

This years topic was “The Next Next” and some of the topics sounded similar to issues people were talking about 5 years ago, this time from a different angle.

DLD Conference 2016

The first day started slightly depressing for the european part of the community, because it seemed as we would like to complain a lot about certain regulations which the political framework gives us. With EU commissioner Margarethe Versager and a panel with representatives from politics and VC firms the first program slots did not give a clear answer on who is holding back innovation in Europe – whether it is our mind, out companies or our politics. It seemed as if this conversation would not have an end until a journalist stood up and reminded the audience about Spotify, Skype, and companies like Rocket Internet, who are all based in Europe. From that moment on people gained some self-confidence again and the mood has changed. (more…)