Alex Smolianitski

Write jibberish, sometimes even with some meaning.

The human “downtime”

This year’s DLD was all about “the beginning” of the new era — one that enables people to be creative in a completely new way. One of the rather non-digital segments of the conference was a short talk by Arianna Huffington. When I first heard Arianna speak about “sleeping your way to the top” I was fascinated how a media-mogul unequivocally proclaimed the need to stop bragging about the fact that we do not sleep as much as we should or desire to. Even I sometimes like to share the in fact I do not need too much sleep to be able to work the next morning.  But let us be honest – we all need and like to sleep an hour more than our routine sometimes allows us.


During Arianna’s talk with Joshua Kushner, a great young investor of Thrieve Capital, Arianna spoke about the idea of Shabbat as a metaphor for the digital concept of “downtime”, something usually considered to have a negative connotation. Humans are not expected to have a 99.9% “uptime” like our servers do. In order to have new ideas and to enjoy the world we live in, Arianna argued that we need to have a certain amount of “downtime” — a human feature which allows us to disconnect from our email-inboxes and to reconnect with ourselves, our family, and our loved ones.

Although I might work in a media-heavy industry, one of my favorite moments is to be distracted by the little things in life, which make your day so much more meaningful. Put away your phone and play a board game or make a salad with someone – afterwards you will have the motivation and the power to smile and to succeed in your endeavors.

Listening to this short talk was a great aspiration for a fruitful year, which is only just beginning.

Photo: © Gigler